Dansko blog. Meet Mariana & Maria, Sisters & Bakery Owners

Meet Mariana & Maria, Sisters & Bakery Owners

Life is sweeter when you work with family. Just ask Mariana and Maria, bakery owners, and sisters, at Chantilly Patisserie and Bakehouse in Bronxville, NY. “No matter how hard times get, you will know that your family is always there,” says Maria.

Mariana and Maria have invested their lives into their passion for baking. They spend up to fourteen hours a day on their feet. Mariana begins her day at 2:15 am to start the ovens at the bakery. “As soon as I wake up in the morning, I put on my Dansko clogs and I feel relief in my back, and they are cute and comfortable.” It’s all worth it though, from the product they deliver to the time they spend together as a family.

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