Dasnko blog. Meet The Environmental Consultants

Meet The Environmental Consultants

Passionate about the environment and education, change-makers Mary Ann and Anne teamed up to form Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants, designed to help teach students and teachers how they can make a difference.

Mary Ann outlined Boyer Sudduth’s organizational goals. “We help schools and business become more environmentally sustainable. We go in, and we educate them, and provide them with the tools to reduce their footprint.”

Anne and Mary Ann have learned a lot throughout their journey, and along the way they continue to discover new and exciting ways to educate their clients on ways to help the environment.

Long time Dansko fans, Mary Ann and Anne recognize the value of being supported by comfortable footwear.

“Mary Ann and I have a lot of things we want to do”, says Anne. “I need to have a sense that my footwear is part of the momentum and will help us get where we want to go and not slow us down.”

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