Dansko Blog. Welcome to The Flying Pig

Welcome to The Flying Pig

Roger and Aaron met in college while both were servers in restaurants. With a shared passion for food and a dream, they stumbled upon a storefront in Oceanside, CA, which was undeveloped in terms of restaurants. They scraped and borrowed to be able to purchase the location and turn it in to a gastropub and The Flying Pig was born.

“Servers don’t own restaurants”, says Aaron. “We always said if it ever happened, it would be called the Flying Pig, because the day we owned a restaurant, Pigs would fly.”

With the success of their first restaurant, they opened a second location, learning more along the way, and maintaining their commitment to providing a great experience for their clientele.

Roger and Aaron are in their restaurants every day, and know what it means to spend long days on their feet. “Dansko saved my feet” says Aaron, “I knew there was nothing else I could wear.” Roger echoes that sentiment. “I can be on my feet all day and feel comfortable. And at the end of those long days, they always find some time to spend together as a family with their young daughter, once again, enjoying a meal and thinking about what is next for them in their journey.

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