Iconic shoes for the always-original women who fill them.

Designed with the same classic rocker bottom and confidence-inspiring comfort for over 30 years, Dansko Heritage has been with you in the pursuit of meaningful work.

  • Professional

    Iconic silhouette, flagship style.

  • Sonja

    Restorative comfort.

  • Ingrid

    Versatile mule.

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Back in 1990, on a trip to Denmark to buy a horse, an entrepreneurial-spirited woman by the name of Mandy Cabot discovered the world’s most comfortable shoe.

This unique Danish shoe — a clog with an anti-fatigue rocker bottom — was remarkably comfortable on her feet after hours of barn chores and errands and on-to-the-next things. So she brought that shoe to America to share the comfort, confidence, and opportunity with other spirited women like her who were headed somewhere too.

Carrying on a heritage of inspired women and inspired work.

The surprising all-day comfort stood the test of time, and over the decades, it came to stand for more than comfort.

Today, Dansko shoes are a symbol for the kind of women wearing them. Women just like our founder who do all-the-things, dream big, and dare to get a little dirty.


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